Our Approach

About Us and the PEMF Journey

We, David & Cristine Kuhnert are a small family business.  For many years we have had an interest in natural therapies.  We first heard about PEMF machines in 2002.  It was quite amazing to us to find something like this where we could actually feel it working in our bodies.  We immediately felt the benefit after only a few days of using this at a clinic in northern NSW where we travelled to experience this on a recommendation from a friend. 

There were many friends and acquaintances who were also interested to learn about our experiences using the pulsed magnetic energy.   

We had a desire to help others with this amazing technology and loved the results that we constantly experienced with ourselves and others that also decided to try PEMF.  We thought of many people who would also benefit as we had, so after some consideration decided to open a clinic here at Palmwoods in 2003.  We were trained in the use of PEMF over a week which  then extended over the next 12months.  This was an invaluable time in helping us to understand how to effectively help others using this energy. We were very fortunate to be able to take advantage of this training.


Mission Statement

To offer a viable and effective way for each person to have better quality of life by increasing their cellular energy using PEMF and have the ability to manage their own well being.